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For sale

This is a selection of boats for sale from Ken Sawyer, this is the first 3 I've uploaded, I will upload the other 7 or 8 over the next couple of days, the pics are thumbs, click on them to open the large picture in a new window, for contact info call Paul 07894861837 or email paul@mkmbc.co.uk


Remote Control Decoy Duck

Built for a bit of fun

Basic controls, Speed Controller

Left + Right, Rudder Servo, 7.2v Nicad

27mhz System including Transmitter

See Photos below




SC 90 Marine Engine, Needs to be run in

2.4 ghz Park Fly Receiver, Servos + Lipo

Ready to go just need Spektrum Transmitter

I used Spektrum DX7.

will need setting up

See Photos below



Fibre Glass Hull Boat

I made this boat out of a traxas Deep V

It has all the Traxas running gear

Remote Starting and return to shore system

2.4ghz Park Fly Receiver, Servo's, Lipo Battery

Ready to go

just needs Transmitter, I used a Spektrum DX7

will need setting up

See Photo's




66'' Double skinned hull with cover

Zenoha 26cc marine + pipe

Remote Starting via Fema electric on board starter

All runs off Lipo Batteries

2.4 ghz Park Fly receiver, Servo's

Ready to go just needs Transmitter

I used Spektrum DX7

will need setting up